REVIEW: Southern Cross #1

Story: Becky Cloonan
Art: Andy Belanger
Colors: Lee Loughridge
Publisher: Image Comics

Image brings us another new series this week with Southern Cross #1. Writer Beckly Cloonan and artist Andy Belanger deliver us a futuristic murder mystery that follows the story’s main character, Alex Braith, who is investigating the recent death of her sister. Alex boards the Southern Cross, a ship transporting people to and from the moon Titan. Upon arrival, she intends to gather her sister’s remains and get to the bottom of what happened. From the moment she boards the vessel, we are introduced to a cast of supporting characters who seem likely to play important roles moving forward. The issue gives you a fairly major cliffhanger at the end which does a good job of keeping you intrigued about the next installment of the story.

The story Becky Cloonan presents in her opening issue is very “middle of the pack”. The story flows well, but doesn’t do much to excite the reader. The same can be said about Andy Belanger’s art. While he does a terrific job depicting the Southern Cross and it’s travel through space, his character design doesn’t do much to impress.

Screenshot_2015-03-11-18-39-40-1 Screenshot_2015-03-11-18-40-06-1

Final Verdict: Southern Cross #1 stumbles out of the gate but the book has an interesting plot, so there’s potentially better stuff to come. Flip through it at your local comic book weekend and see what you think before you spend your hard-earned money on it.

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