REVIEW: Southern Cross #7

Written by Becky Cloonan art by Andy Belanger, published by Image Comics

The mood I was in and the lack of recap meant I put this down till I could do it justice, really glad I did.

It’s a good, if somewhat derivative story that takes place on an industrial mining rig on the moon of Titan, there’s a lost spaceship and a murder mystery, interesting characters and unlike the actual moon of Titan a really good atmosphere. The script is a little stodgy but it just takes a bit more chewing to get a satisfying mouthful. The story is strong because it’s simple, lost ship, murder mystery, the setting doesn’t effect it, just makes it more interesting. There’s good plot structure as well.

The art generates the atmosphere, intricate yet surprisingly thick line work and wonderful use of perspective in some of the planetary vistas puts you right in the science fiction setting and what I usually call “California colouring” but as this is sci-fi I will call Bladerunner colouring, is used to really build the impressive and oppressive industrial future setting. Technology and design feel suitably ground in and real which always helps this genre.

So glad I went back to this I’ll be picking up the trade. 4.8/5


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