REVIEW: Space Riders #4

G’day Cosmic fans,

Dodgy86 is back into the mix in a space odyssey called Space Riders # 4 by the creative team of Fabian Rangel Jr (writer) and Alexis Ziritt (art).

Chapter Four: The Vengeful Universe, see the crew of Space Riders lead by the badass Capitan Peligro, the robotic and sensible Yara and lastly Mono the religious Manorial-looking dude as they roam through a series of space adventures in a ship called the skull ship Santa Muerte (named because it looks like a flying skull!).

In the meantime, the villainous Satanus and Hammerhead seek to destroy the Space Riders, by attacking ones close to them. Can Capitan Peligro and his crew save them in time?

Things just got real as Capitan finds out Hammerhead is involved, due to their history and the fact Hammerhead as an eye for talent! How does the showdown conclude? Read the damn issue, no spoilers here!

The art is gorgeous, very much Kirby influenced in the lines dots and weird colouring. It just works. The pacing of the story is very easy to follow, the art tells the story whereas the wording enhance the characters. Rangel and Ziritt are a match made in heaven. As a first time reader I was lured in a heart beat by the stunning presentation and layouts also I’m a sucker for space comics!

Don’t make me repeat myself, Do ya’self a favour and check it out!

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