Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality 01 - Cover

REVIEW: Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #1

Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality 01 - CoverThe story starts off with a bang, with the remaining crew of the Skullship Santa Muerte, flagship of the Space Riders, saving a refuge ship in grand fashion. We then cut to a flashback of the Capitan and his crewmate, Mono, discussing looking for Satanus and evidence of the “Great Evil”. We also learn why Mono isn’t with the crew and what Mono’s current status is. One of my favorite moments of the book was the “Tormenta Cosmica” scene, which is shown as a form of cosmic purgatory. The book is fairly light on story, but it does set up plot points for future issues. Be aware that this title has an adult tone with a lot of curse words.

The cover matches the tone of the book perfectly. Overall, the art is impressive and really fun to look at. It has a great retro style with extremely vibrant colors. The pages have an interesting worn look to them with yellowed pages and faux stains. We are also shown multiple full-page spreads throughout the issue that really highlights the book’s style.Space Riders Galaxy of Brutality 01 - Skullship Santa Muerte

I give this book 4 out 5 stars. The strength of this book is how unique and fresh it is. The Capitan is written to be a badass and the book evokes a Grindhouse mixed with Sci-Fi movie feel. The writing is passable, but this book is all about the art, action, and tone. I loved every page. If you are looking for a unique, retro, pulp book with psychedelic colors that is all about fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, pick up Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality.

Written by Fabian Rangel, Jr.
Art by Alexis Ziritt
Lettering by Ryan Ferrier
Published by Black Mask Comics

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