REVIEW: Spawn 274

It’s good to see Spawn still in comics after all these years. The art was always amazing and I’m sure drawing Spawn is any artist dream. After so many transitions and stories, McFarlane is still pumping out hell’s favorite armored chosen one. The art has changed but remains the same and still has that hardcore look. Spawn has only changed with the time but kept true to itself. Artist Szymon Kudranski has assured us that Spawn is good hands. He makes Spawn look really dark even in the middle of the day. And that’s an important thing to Spawn fans. The look. Spawn has to be drawn a certain badass way. He just does. I think that’s why he’s been so well received after so much time. That and his origin.

In issue 274 the Soul Crusher terror and investigation is escalating while Spawn, Cyan and her father try to get back to normal. Spawn is still struggling to getting back to full power but he still packs a punch. Thanks to an old storage unit he has access to all these cool guns that Kudranski draws very well. Spawn is also trusting more friends as he knows he is not as powerful as he used to be. So he’s using his wits. He has to rely on his military training while he was a government agent to protect himself and Cyan. Cyan is being hunted by any demon who is locked out of hell (thanks to Spawn). She has a mysterious power that has yet to be exposed which I’m sure Mr. McFarlane has something incredible in mind. As Cyan settles back into a regular life and attempts to go to school, not even getting there before Soul Crusher wrecks her bus and tries to protect her? Hmm. After a short battle with Spawn, Soul Crusher escapes but leaves us reader with plenty of questions.

So much good stuff in Spawn and whether caught up or just catching up you can always just dive in this universe and be met with an action packed awesome story. I just read the Satan Saga Wars and it was unbelievable. Spawn battling his way through endless demons in hell to get to Wanda was just a great arc and I couldn’t put the books down. It’s the previous arc before this one and It’s worth the backlog. It explains also why Spawn isn’t at full power. The art is phenomenal as Spawn rages through hell. It’s truly Spawn unleashed. But we see this new and old Spawn now. He’s somewhat human and practically growing a new Spawn suit from the bits and pieces he has left. This arc is pure build up and I can’t wait to see what in store next! Spawn 274 gets five out of five stars!

Story: Todd McFarlane, Tom Leveen
Art: Szymon Kudranski
Cover: Ashley Wood

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