REVIEW: Spider-Gwen #13

Well it’s a comic full of teenage girls aimed at teenage girls and as a man…of maturing years…I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s a Halloween special, the Mary Jane’s (rock band, Marvels answer to Josie and the Pussycats) Vs Mysterious in  abandoned fun fair.

The writing does a good job of skipping gaily over the troupes and clichés having fun with the format and it never gets old.The characters are brill’, there’s some nice exposition weaved into the narrative and the dialogue avoids being nauseating teeny speak.

The art is great, fluid, always moving, distinctive colouring keeps everything separate and distinct. Expressive, dynamic…just really good, go with it I’m running out of words and can’t be arsed getting my thesaurus.

It’s a good comic and it makes a pleasant change to read about teenagers acting normally.

Written by Jason Latour, art by Robbi Rodriguez, published by Marvel

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