REVIEW: Spider-Gwen #19

I always enjoy reading Spider-Gwen. It’s the bizarro world of Spider-Man. It’s a constant surprise that is always leaving me wanting more. It’s a world where Peter Parker died and Gwen Stacy was the one bitten by the radioactive spider. It’s a complete 180. Some good guys switch to the dark side and no one is as they seem. Gwen’s been around for two years and some change now and I like how Robbie Rodriguez and Rico Renzi keep the style rough and colorful. It’s a dark city and Matt Murdock works for the Kingpin and is a constant thorn in the side of Spider Gwen. Kingpin is more powerful here in this corner of the multiverse. I don’t want to spoil too much because this is such a great issue.

Hear in this issue number 19, Gwen is on the ropes. She’s buying cashews and can’t seem to catch a break even doing something as simple as that. Captain Stacy (her father) is in jail and Gwen is trying to fight the law and the Kingpin to get him out. Matt Murdock offers her a deal in order to free her father. This issue is jam packed with epic cliffhangers and what if’s. Spider-Gwen is presented with the Venom symbiote and is told it destroys regular humans but the radioactive cells in her body fight off the poison of the symbiote. She would be able to survive it as well as enhance her current abilities.

Harry Osborne is fighting with the lizard mutagen while Norman Osborne is trying to figure out how to deal with his son’s plunge into lizard madness. Now this is where the issue really gets going if your not already excited enough and wish you were reading the trade so you could see what happens next. Gwen then strikes a deal with Norman to help his son but that also involves the Kingpin and Matt Murdock. Writer Jason Latour really paints Gwen into sticky situation, but as readers we’re on the edge of our seat with this one. What else makes this issue great you ask? Well now you have Spider-Gwen or as the Hand is calling her “master spider”. That’s right! She’s leading a group of ninjas from the Hand to steal the scorpion’s head. And on top of all that we have Wolverine himself watching her swing into the building and you know he’s not just going to sit on the sidelines. Cliffhanger galore!

Issue review of epicness we might see in the next issue or upcoming issues: Possible Harry Osborne lizard venom mix monster (must see) Spider-Gwen venom suit (must see also) Wolverine battling the Hand and Spider-Gwen (I want it all!) This issue gets five out of five stars just for setting up some unpredictable greatness that will leave all of our comic hearts full and all of our Spider-Man wallets empty. As Gwen would say it, clown town curly fries! Keep’em coming!

Writer: Jason Latour
Penciler: Robbi Rodriguez
Cover Artist: Robbi Rodriguez


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