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REVIEW: Spider-Man #15

Following a team up with Spider-Gwen in a different dimension, Miles Morales and his father Jefferson make their return. After a quiet moment to reflect and prepare for what comes next, they both go home to find that Rio Morales, Miles’ mother, has discovered the truth about their secret lives (This isn’t a spoiler, it’s right on the cover!).

The opening scene with Miles and his father slowing down to process the events that have happened in previous issues was handled masterfully by Bendis. He is one of the best in the business at natural, realistic dialogue and this issue delivers. Miles and Jefferson discuss relationships and how they are going to explain their absence to Rio while eating burgers. I love quiet, simple moments like this in comics. It adds dimension to the characters and makes them seem relatable and grounded. A superhero’s life would be more than just constant battles and action.

Spider-Man 15 - funny moment between Miles and Jefferson

The actual reveal scene is handled with care and craftsmanship. The lighting shifts to be even darker and the panels are drawn with the characters in shadow to highlight the serious tone and draw you to focus on their faces. Rio is hurt and upset in a believable manner and you completely understand her point of view.

Spider-Man 15 - Moments before Rio confesses she knows
The cover to this issue is incredible. It nails what to expect from the story inside while still being eye-catching on its own.

Spider-Man 15 - Cover

Szymon Kudranski takes over the art duties in this issue and does a fantastic job. The entire issue has a dark look to it with most of the characters appearing in shadow to add to the seriousness of the content. Szymon handles the emotion and character pieces with great skill. The book is also filled with nice touches like phone booth lights glowing into the panel and soft focus effects that draw your attention to the characters. You can tell great care has been taken to give every panel a cinematic look. I’m very impressed by Szymon’s work and look forward to what he can deliver in action scenes after showing expertise in softer moments.

Spider-Man 15 - Cinematic panel showing a zoom out
I give this title 4.5 out of 5. This issue was a joy to read. Bendis is in top form and Szymon has an impressive debut. This is also a great issue for new readers to start with. It is a character driven, self-contained story that puts the focus back on Miles and his supporting characters. I highly recommend this title.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Szymon Kudranski
Published by Marvel

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