REVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 #23

What’s better than Spider-Man?? How about a Spider-Man from the future who time travels and has an awesome new suit and stealth camouflage? Well you’re getting all of that in the current issue of Spider-Man 2099 #23 written by Peter David, and more! So we have this new version of Spider-Man 2099 which was introduced to us last year. The cover art stole the show. I was able to snag a poster and I’m glad I did, because the art continues to be great. Will Sliney gives us a great flow of art and panel work as Rachelle Rosenberg gives a great splash of colors that makes this story very wonderful to look at. We find Miguel (Spider-Man 2099) looking down the grim chance of saving his future as he experiments with time travel. With the aid of Sonny Frisco (Ironman 2099) and Lyla his holographic assistant ,they throw caution to the wind and throw Miguel into the past or back to the future for you time travelers that are reading this in the future (also thanks for reading). Miguel is hell-bent on saving his future and believes with the help of Sonny that they have pinpointed the exact moment and event that led to such a catastrophic outcome.

An impromptu time machine that may or may not work, made by Sonny, flings Miguel back to the future to the Parker industries building that has been destroyed and nothing but rubble remains. Miguel is in our time and met by a construction worker who finds a didjyman (pokemon) on his head via his cell phone app game. You can practically hear Miguel’s eyes roll even through his costume, as he takes off looking for any clues. He flips on his stealth camouflage and hits the streets the only way Spider-Man can, from building to building. Now the new suit allows him to directly talk to Lyla and use rocket boot jets as well as enhanced vision. Using these tools, Miguel is on the hunt for anything suspicious.

Of course in New York, Miguel finds himself in Times Square. Full of tourists and costumed street performers. Miguel comes up empty until he sees a familiar sight. A Spider-Man 2099 old school costume is donned by a street performer and is casually strolling down the square. Miguel admires the all too real detail of the costume and shrugs it off. But fate has guided Miguel to the correct location and time to find Tyler Stone, the man responsible for releasing a virus that killed millions. Miguel confronts Stone and he’s surprised to see Spider-Man and in classic bad guy fashion relinquished his plan of killing millions as well as the canister that holds the virus. Miguel believes his troubles are over until the all new Doc Ock enters the scene followed by Venom as well. Sliney really drew these two great and Rosenberg added some great color that made them explode off the page.

After some juggle the deadly virus canister and Tempest makes a reappearance, Stone gets the canister back into his hands once again. Whats happens next is too good to ruin but makes for a heck of an ending and cliffhanger. The action doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down in this series folks. Spider-Man 2099 #23 gets a four out of five stars and five out of five web sling shots. Thwip!!

Writer: Peter David
Cover Artist:Francesco Mattina

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