REVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 #5

G’Day Crusaders,

This is Dodgy86 in the mix bringing you Spider-Man 2099 # 5 by the legendary Peter David with art by William Sliney and Rachelle Rosenberg.

As Miguel O’Hara had been stranded in the present day, with the tools provided by Parker Industries he is constantly looking for a passageway home. He needs to revisit the year 2099 so he doesn’t leave his home and the world he knew behind. Eventually Miggy manages to build a time machines and finds a way into the future. However, it seems he brought back some baggage along the way.

In the shape of an old enemy of Spider-Man 2099, Qweeg had hitched a ride into the past.

Teaming up with the Captain America of 2099, Spidey needs to take down this foe before he causes more havoc!


It is wonderful to see David write this again 20+ years since he wrote the original. I love the humourous comments made by the background characters similar to what I recalled from the ’92 books. Since Marvel’s Secret Wars – I tried to steer clear of Marvel because of its discontinuation making it confusing for readers. I was surprised how good this is, it is a lot of fun! I got a taster at the introduction of this issue of the prognosis which made if easy to follow.

The art in this book is amazing!! Sliney does a great job with the layouts, as well as the details , really help display the fantastic action scenes.

I love this book, I hope you do too! Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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