REVIEW: Spider-Man #234: Sinister Things to Come

I love the way that Brian Michael Bendis manages to keep the feel of a Spider-Man book and use familiar elements while still managing to take the story and Miles Morales in new directions.

A new Iron Spider makes his debut in Spider-Man #234, but this time he’s not on the side of the angels.  In fact this new Iron Spider is someone who is particularly close to Miles.  Looks like someone else from the Ultimate Universe was brought over and resurrected.  Not only has Miles gotten his mother back, but his uncle Aaron Davis seems to alive and well in the Marvel-616 Universe.

I doubt the family reunion will be a happy one as Aaron is busy assembling a new version of the Sinister Six.  While we do get some long-standing members like Hobgoblin and Sandman there are also some new additions that really fit in with Miles’ version of the web head.  Bombshell, who happens to be the mother of one of Miles’s friends is a nice touch who along with Aaron really personalizes this version of the Sinister Six for Miles.  This is not Peter’s Sinister Six and that’s ok. The team also counts the Spot and the female Electro among it’s membership.

The design of the Iron Spider is tweaked very slightly and looks really cool. Oscar Bazaldua does an amazing job of taking characters that may not be the A list of villains and making them look like they should be.  I never thought I would take a team with the Spot seriously, but it works.  The Sinister Six look like an imposing team.  They are a s serious threat and Miles is going to have his hands full.

Justin Ponsor’s colors really help establish mood. The metals of the Iron Spider armor have a realistic texture and never appear to be cloth or plastic.  The darker shades used in the city’s seedier spots contrasts the sharp bright colors while Miles is at school with his friends.

The entire issue is not just setting up the Sinister Six, but also gives some great character moments. The awkward conversation between Miles and his roommate, the X-Man Goldballs, is a perfect example of typical high school drama, infused with the world of superheroes.

This issue also takes on the original numbering of Miles’ series and Bendis has been with Miles since the beginning and seems to have just as much love for the character as ever and it shows in the writing.  Miles is in good hands, unless the new Sinister Six get their way.

Story: 4
Art: 3.5
Overall Rating: 3.75

(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Oscar Bazaldua (CA) Patrick Brown

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