REVIEW: Spider-Woman #10

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This is Dodgy86 back in the mix bring you a sticky review of Spider-Woman # 10 by Dennis Hopeless with art by Natacha Bustos and colors by Vero Gandini.

Think twice before you sink your teeth into your next cheeseburger! Think again when you put salt or barbecue sauce of your delicious steak! Read this issue and you will find out why!

The opening begins with stages before the Secret Wars Jessica Drew A.K.A Spider-Woman contemplates retirement and moving on from the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D,the decision adds dismay to her friend Black Widow. Will Jess regret her decision?

Skip forward, the new look (non-spandex) Spider-Woman agrees to team up with Daily Bugle reporter Ben Ulrich for investigation work and is accompanied by the reformed former super villain Roger Gocking A.K.A The Porcupine. Trouble arises as Ben and Roger have been kidnapped!! As Jess she goes into hero mode to look for her travel crew she finds that people are not acting right. Further investigation things just get a lil’ crazy (maybe a whole lotta crazy!). This is where the beef puns come from as Jess finds herself in an abattoir and fights off an army of evil butchers and she then encounters a Bull-Hulk!! Woah!!

This book is a whole lot of fun and it’s witty, Hopeless’ direction is hopeful with questions needing answers and notably developing The Porcupine’s previously lesser-known character in the Marvel Universe. He is an awesome wing man and/or comic relief for this story and given the right direction has potential. The added art by Bustos and Gandini is pleasing for the eye and is sharp and it emphasizes Hopeless’ story.

This book will give you the pricking feeling and do ya’self a favour and check it out!!

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