REVIEW: Squadron Supreme #11

Written by James Robinson, art by Leonard Kirk, published by Marvel

Big action scene that involves the Justice Le…Squadron Supreme Vs Spider-Man. A fight that should take a grand total of four seconds, three for Hyperion to think of the most effective way to knock Spider-Man’s block off and one to actually do it.

There’s an underlaying plot about a time machine and lots of repeated dfialogue, most of it from someone traveling at superspeed which does to the pacing what an ice cream Sunday does to a diabetic, puts it in a coma. Though you would have mores fun eating the Sunday. I just wish we could get past action scenes that need a sonnet going on in the back ground, Spider-Man is a witty quiper not a thespian. The the plot itself is pretty solid though and I love that a certain character towards the end out Steve Rogers Steve Rogers in the Steve Rogers department.

The art is like the peak train home but without the smell of armpit. Colour keeps things organised and the movement is pretty fluid. Good facial expressions to, except for Spider-Man.

It’s got an intriguing ending but on the whole if you like the SS you could do worse than this. 3.5/5


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