REVIEW: Squadron Supreme #2

Written by James Robinson, art by Leonard Kirk, published by Marvel

Well I enjoyed the the over written extravaganza that was Mark Gruenwald’s run, so I thought I would try this.

It’s basically a collection of Justice League analogues each from a dead universe living on the regular Marvel universe and trying to make it a better place, and the Marvel universe doesn’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

The biggest problem this title has is it’s biggest asset, James Robinson, who is great at characterization but does incredibly bland stories when it comes to team books that need the epic scale he just can’t produce. For example, in this, the Batman analogue has the backbone of the main story which is a serviceable encounter with an alien and an exploding oil refinery where as the Superman analogue gets two pages of a truck driver talking to him in a diner and it’s wonderful.

The art work does a lot of the leg work in the Batman analogues bit making a bland action sequence quite fun but Mr Kirk also knows when to pull it back a bit and let the characters do their thing, which is nice.

There’s some interesting character plots being set up but nothing that really makes me desperate to find out what happens next. If they do a Hyperion title though, I’d be all over that!

This book is so very promising but it will flop. No one cares enough and there’s no bite at all in this comic.

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