REVIEW: Star Trek #52

(W) Mike Johnson (A/CA) Tony Shasteen

Looking a this three part story has made me think, you know, I might have been a little hasty in my previous reviews of this book.  All the familiar Trek elements are their, contrived situations, convenient escapes, no internal logic; it all fit swell in this new timeline classic Trek.

Part three sees the conclusion of the new crew’s trip to the Mirror Mirror  universe.  The original episode from which this issue, and various other spin offs, is spawned still remains a piece of Classic Trek. Here however, the universe is awash with potentially lazy plotting and ideas, with writer Mike Johnson happy to just aim for polar opposites to the existing crew for entertainment, leaving countless questions which may or may not be resolved in future issues.

Johnson’s story relies on the opposite factor too much, for characters.  That’s all well and good, but there seems little motivation to the piece other than, this is how it is.  Story compression is a bit of  a bug bear for me and here I don’t see how this story has been padded out for three whole issues.

Art is supplied by Tony Shasteen pulling the photo style reference trick throughout the book, better in some places than others.  The choice of panel use is well considered giving this story a bit of pace which clearly helps.  The colors by Davide Mastrolonardo work well with the art, providing a quality finish at least.

I wanted to like this book, going as far as to entertain the thought that Trek “by the numbers” would be fine.  However, anything “by the numbers” is not fine as it potentially allows publishers, writers and artists think that we the readers do not deserve their best efforts, their best works all the time.

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