REVIEW: Star Trek: Boldly Go #11

I admit that I am a nerd. You have to be to in order to fully enjoy pop culture. You find yourself doing things like listening to the audio book version of “The Hobbit”, reading Previews for fun, and going back and catching up on old episodes of Star Trek that you missed. It comes with the nerd territory. Reading IDW’s Star Trek title falls neatly within this realm.

This is a title that reads like an unused script for a Star Trek TV series that was never created. It doesn’t carry the same flash as the major motion pictures that have been released lately, but I could easily see this as a season one episode. The cast is recognizable, the characters sound and feel like their Hollywood counterparts.

Kirk, Sulu, and Bones have been placed aboard the U.S.S. Endeavour while waiting for the Enterprise to be rebuilt. They run headlong into Thalia, daughter of Eurydice, who has sought out Kirk to help find her missing mother.

What happens next is split between flashbacks of Captain Garth, a celebrated starship captain, and Kirk helping Thalia find her mother on Antos IV, the very location where Garth had a fatal transporter accident.

By the end of the issue readers are left with some major questions about identity of everyone involved on the planet. Kirk is attacked but seemingly returns to the Endeavour unharmed. Are we dealing with shape shifters? Is Kirk possessed by the ghost of Garth? This is an issue that is the prefect jumping on point for fans to dig into this title and get their Star Trek fix.

And that’s who Mike Johnson is writing for; the fans. This is pure fan service. If you enjoyed watching Chris Pine and the rest of the new Enterprise crew and want to see them on more adventures than this is your opportunity. Like I said before, this reads like an unused TV script; the characters are on point, the action is dynamic, and the plot moves at a steady pace. This is a great story for Star Trek fans.

Megan Levens artwork is great. The characters look like their movie counterparts. The Endeavour looks like it is hauling some serious ass through space when they hit warp. My one complaint would be that there are a small handful of panels where the characters look stiff in their poses. It is noticeable with Levens animated style.

Final Thoughts: This is a mission that every Star Trek fan of the current crew should join. You will not be disappointed. Final Score: 4 out of 5 Vulcan nerve pinches.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #11
Story: Mike Johnson
Art: Megan Levens
Colors: Marissa Louise
Letters: AndWorld Design
Publisher: IDW

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