To tell this to boldy fuck off is a better line than this…this…ergh whatever this it’s not really a comic. It’s a mirror universe pamphlet of sequentially arranged scribbles that make your eyes bleed and colour washes that make you wretch.

There’s enough toys and pictures out there to get reference material instead were subjugated to the marks made by a person who was clearly not taking their epinephrine and happened to be doodling at a rave. The Enterprise looks like a collection of bath toys melted together by a cheap lighter and the only thing the Enterprise crew look like is a woolen jumper being slowly unraveled by a confused old lady.

Someone should tell the writer it’s only the Vulcans that don’t emote. I got splinters of the dialogue and lost all interest in the plot almost have way through.

I’d burn this fucking thing if it was a physical copy and there’s finally something worse than the Garfield Summer Special.

(W) Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott (A) Chris Mooneyham (CA) George Caltsoudas

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