REVIEW: Star Trek / Green Lantern #5

Star Trek Green Lantern #5
Written by Mike Johnson
Art by Angel Hernandez
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by Neil Utetake
Publisher: IDW / DC comics

Let’s judge this book by its cover… I don’t know, something about Kirk and Hal sharing a cover makes me feel like a kid. It’s fun cover, even with all the resurrected black lantern Vulcans.

So the lanterns have jumped over to federation space and are now in an all out war with Sinestro, Atrocitus, larfleeze and several of starfleets greatest enemies. A few of Kirks crew have been chosen by power rings to help out and on top of all that Nekron has brought Vulcan back from the dead and everyone on it….. As black lanterns.

Having dived in so late on it didn’t feel like I’ve missed much, that does make me wonder if this crossover is as big as it claims to be. Could this story have been told in a one off special maybe?

Enjoyable enough. Maybe wait for the trade or read a friends copy. 3 stars for this one.

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