REVIEW: Star Trek / Green Lantern: The Spectrum War #4

Written by Mike Johnson, art by Angel Hernandez, published by IDW

As crossovers go this one feels like a cop out. They pull the whole two universes meet over a candle lit wormhole rather than have it so the respective intellectual properties actually exist in the same one. You see it’s a one off, just contrive it for a bit of fun, continuity be buggered.

Hark the sound fanboys heads exploding.

The arts ok. Bit wooden and Spock looks like they couldn’t make their minds up whether he was Quinto or severely beaten in the face with with the wrong end of a cat. Hal Jordan’s hairline looks like it’s trying to escape the tyranny of his eyebrows as well.

Nothing cool enough happens in the story to make me think this was worth doing. Something awesome should happen every issue stitched together by a simple if clever plot. This just feels like the imagination ran out, Klingons led by Sinestro, mopey Star Saphires it all feels like no one cared enough to come up with something truly epic.

Imagine the Enterprise finding a planet on the neutral zone border, it Mogo and the Green Lantern Corp, plus any other Lanterns you like have been in suspended animation, the Enterprise crew wake them up, there’s a weird signal that wakes up sector 666, throw in a full chorus of Klingons, Romulins, Gorn and a Q, they all find Oa at the center of the Universe and the whole thing leads to a new comic series shared by two companies. Whatever, I’m tied, it’s late and this comic was so wooden I felt like varnishing it rather than reading it.

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