REVIEW: Star Trek New Visions: A Scent of Ghosts #5

Writer/Artist: John Byrne
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: March 4, 2015

I thought I had seen every version of Star Trek, from comics to t.v; from cartoon to novels. But here is something different (at least to me).

New Visions is a photo-manipulation book.  It is a far cry from the photo stories I am used to seeing in UK magazines such as the relaunched Eagle from the 80’s.

There are two stories in this issue. The first is pretty standard Star Trek fare. A missing crew from  a derelict starship, a vehicle from Spock and Number One’s past. The only thing that is different is that, in this case, the highest ranking officer isn’t crazy!

The photo element is outstanding, right to a smirking Kirk on the charm and the early version Spock giving the Vulcan greeting.  The script is also a strong point, with characters sounding like they should for the most part.  However, would  Scotty really make the decision he does? My only concern, script wise,  is that Byrne tries to hard at times.

The second story,”Memorium” on the other is just plain fantastic.  It’s somewhat ironic I am reviewing the book, given the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy and whilst this book is not meant to be a homage, this story shows what a great character Spock was and how fine an actor Nimoy; truly, Star Trek is at it’s best when using the emotionally challenged Vulcan to show the spirt of humanity.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the first story, but felt that when the novelty of using photos wore of, the story was a tad flat.  The second story is the saving grace and the stars given reflect this. If you love Trek, then you will enjoy this clever version of Kirk and Co’s continuing voyages.

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