REVIEW: Star Trek New Visions Special: Swarm

By John Byrne, published by IDW

John Byrne must have gone to IDW and said “Let’s pick a bunch of photos from an old TV show and make a comic!” IDW should have said “Mr Byrne take your shitty idea and get out of our shack!” Instead they said “Great idea Mr Byrne let’s do that!”

And for that they must be punished.

He manages to pick the most boring stills from the series and plaster them across some paper, they barely hold together a narrative. Thanks to the media used the pacing drags like a dog with no legs. The space scenes are like your drunk uncle dancing at a wedding, utterly embarrassing. Rather than use stills from the show or from the redone DvD version they use graphics that are almost as good as the PS1, not kidding. Adding another layer to the poo lasagna are the Photoshop sound effects and cheap, nasty looking word balloons which stand out like a clown in a police line up.

There’s no movement, no clever use of the stills, no emotional resonance, you are too aware that a character talks with their mouth shut and there’s simply no legs in the story at all.

It’s a failed and miserable experiment in fumetti that only rises above the GSS by virtue that at least it’s something different. 0.1/5


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