REVIEW: Star Trek / Planet of the Apes #4

(W) Scott Tipton, David Tipton
(A/CA) Rachael Stott
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Release Date: 03/18/2015

A much used idea, metaphorically used to show US and Russian influence in the Vietnam War, is again rolled out this time as a crossover into Boom Studies Planet of the Apes.  IDW has been producing Trek material for some time so it’s no surprise to see the quality of the production shine through.

The issue starts with a planing session between Kirk and Co. and Colonel Taylor to work out how to stop the Klingons affecting the natural evolution of the Earth.  I have to question, at this point does Taylor really agree with Kirk? If he does then the Apes being in charge would, you have to assume, continue.  Is that what he really wants? Once a plan is created it’s all “beam down” and let the action begin……..which it doesn’t, for quite sometime.

The book is written by Scott and David Tipton, who for the most part manage to make the characters on the page, sound like their TV and film counter parts. Whilst this is evident on the Trek cast, it’s a little off when it comes to Taylor.  Where is the anger of a subjugated man? Where is the sorrow of being one of the few humans who is free? Where is the hate for those “goddamn stinking apes”? Script wise, the dialogue is ok but in places comes across a little bit to over played Spock in the meeting room and Bones warning to Scotty (which he ignores)  being the main culprits.

Art by Rachael Stott, is consistent throughout. The Trek crew look like they should and there are no glaring “photo-stills” (take note Marvel), with the exception being Taylor. He is supposed to be Charlton Heston, but it sure doesn’t look like him! That said, would a fan of Heston’s work even look at this book? So it may be a case of no harm, no foul.

As this book is four issues old; I would have expected to be at this point sooner. It’s only towards the end do we see Klingons and their plan and if it come to fruition, it should kick start the action. The trick for the next issue may well be to help the reader differentiate between the various Ape factions. Whilst there is enough for fans of both franchises to enjoy, the alluded to action should help liven up the pace, which to this point has been, at least in the issue a tad slow.

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