Review: Star Wars Adventures #1

The much-anticipated first issue of Star Wars Adventures is finally here! The monthly anthology series is set within the Star Wars canon and this issue features part one of a Rey story and a shorter backup story including Obi-Wan Kenobi. Now, I know that this is a book for younger readers and repetition is a key factor of that demographic, but the lack of anything that feels truly new results in a comic that is just fun instead of amazing. Regardless, it sets itself up to improve and I expect great things from it

The main story is titled “Better the Devil You Know Part 1” and showcases A day in the life of Rey working as a scavenger on Jakku prior to the events in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Writer Cavan Scott shows us the way that people view her, the work she does, and we get a taste of why she would need to know how the ships operate. Ultimately, Part 1 feels a little too much like a rehashing of the opening of the movie because these were exactly the types of things we already saw all the way down to her protecting a mysterious droid. That said, Part 2 might give us a chance to learn a bit more about the Junkboss Unkar. Artist Derek Charm renders Rey wonderfully and the way that he depicts her clothing shows a dynamic flair that is just as fun as capes are in a superhero comic. Most importantly for the genre, the balance between details and iconic simplification is very well done.

“Stop, Theif,” from the backup feature “Tales From Wild Space,” is a tale from the prequels era of Star Wars featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi and Dexter Jettster on Coruscant. Despite the fact that there is yet more replication in this shorter piece, I enjoyed it quite a bit more. Cavan Scott not only tells a great story, but he also introduces some new characters with more to follow. The key character from this section is Emil Graf, who was created for this series. I am really looking forward to the next issue which will include Evaan Verlaine in this section. Artists Jon Sommariva and Sean Parsons also do a great job with the backgrounds and all the various creatures/robots in the story with the new Kowakian monkey-lizard named Crater stealing the show in the framing story.

A nice touch of cohesion is the “Dispatches from Wild Space” that is included toward the end. This is not your basic send us your letters section. It explains that Emil is collecting stories making it a way for people to feel like they are connecting to the Star Wars universe itself if they get their letter printed. It states that the section will also include background information and the like making this a part of the series that people will want to read instead of just skipping over.  The cover gallery is also a nice inclusion as we can see that some of the covers include, or nod to, many other parts of the Star Wars franchise. Also, the advertisements included reveal that they expect parents to be flipping through the issue as well. This is a good sign because it means that they might include content that will be targeted to this dual audience.

If this issue is any indication, there is a lot of potential in this series. The Star Wars canon is extensive and there is a lot that they can make use of for this. The art is solid throughout and the writing is smooth. I really don’t see anything wrong with it. It just didn’t have that extra something yet. With the force on their side, it should be there soon.

Star Wars Adventures #1
Cavan Scott (w) • Derek Charm (a) • Derek Charm (c)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

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