REVIEW: Star Wars: Darth Vader #12

Written by Kieron Gillen, Art by Salvador Larroca, Published by Marvel Comics

Lucas killed Star Wars for me. I used to love it, drifted away from it then The Phantom Menace happened and rather than re-invigorate my interest it left me giving me my inner six-year-old CPR.

So, I thought let’s have a look what a good creative team can do.

Quite well as it turns out. Gillen manages to write the baritone of Vadeypoos really well and there’s genuine chemistry between him and his aid Thanoth. The characters all round give a fun, behind the curtain look at the way the Empire works and it’s interesting to see Buckethead as a bit player not a leader.

I thought I was going to get utterly sick of the four cinematic panels to a page composition but no, it changes up a bit, keeps it subtle and atmospheric. The opening shot of the imperial ships over the gas cloud left me a bit cold but it was still good-looking. The fact Larroca can get more character out of the helmeted Monsieur Sith using some smart lighting, than Lucas managed in three films where he never even wore the coal-scuttle proves it can be done if you have the talent.

It’s not enough to get me back into Star Wars, but it did give my inner six-year-old some peace.

I appreciate the scrolling crawl for the re-cap as well, stylish and helpful.

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