REVIEW: Star Wars: Kanan #12

Written by Greg Weisman, art by Andrea Broccardo, published by Marvel

Bloody fantastic, the pacing, the atmosphere the adherence to the source material, the acting, Daredevil is everything I hoped it would be. Wait… Oh yeah. Kanan, a Star Wars comic adapted from a Star Wars cartoon. It’s alright, there’s a re-cap! Hooray.

The story glides smoothly through its rescue and revelations plot, the characters don’t shine but they are polished enough to pass muster and there’s enough charm in the dialogue to make you smile now and again. The art is good with people, does the job with technology but it doesn’t feel like Broccardo’s comfort zone. It captures the cartoon very well without being slavish to it. I might not be the target audience for this but it has enough zing for a young Star Wars fan who doesn’t read many comics.That’s all I’ve got, back to DD.

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