REVIEW: Starfire #4

Written by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Art by Emanuella Lupacchino & Mirco Pierfederici, published by DC

Big monster attacks town, suffers defeat at the hands of two super heroines who then proceed to do girly things for the rest of the issue.

Who is this aimed at? It’s too wordy for a young teen audience, too girly for a young male audience and I had a very hard time trying to masturbate to it because it handles Starfire’s overt sexuality with a fair degree of respect and realism.

It just feels like the writing team have a good handle on the character but don’t really know what to do with her so they stick her in a bikini and then a shower because they need to keep whomever is reading this interested. The super heroics were very standard fair and there was a page where I’m pretty sure the big monster (who can talk and thus hear) must have been really preoccupied because the two leads spend a whole page explaining what their big plan is and he doesn’t seem to notice.

The art is fine, no gratuitous cheesecake, any bikini and shower scenes are handled tastefully but again I can’t shake the feeling they’re not really needed in the first place. Pretty good story telling, could have done with far less word balloons.

It all feels more like covert sexuality, the characters innocence only serves to make scenes where she’s walking around in a micro dress feel weirdly ambiguous, how could a character be that naive?

I can’t recommend this because I don’t know who to recommend it to so I’m going to find something more suitable to wank over and wait for this series to end by issue #12.

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