Independent label Insane Comics along with the creative duo of Selena McDevitt & Larry “Spike” Jarrell bring to us an anthropomorphic sci-fi adventure entitled Star’s End. The team brings us up to speed on this new universe via the inside cover. It details of ancient alien race that experimented on earth animals. These experimentation’s led the animals to become intelligent by the ideas of the aliens. They grew in pods of mixed races (not born naturally), in groups and with select education. In a short time they grew so intelligent and dangerous that they are now the top of the food chain.  Us humans are the ones now being treated as slaves.

In this “pods” (the crews)  first mission they are sent to confirm and decontaminate a planet where there was an “accident” that caused the deaths of many of the human workforce! But things are not what they seem when our group of heroes begins to investigate. Furthermore there is a heel among their ranks that knows what happened and is commanded to commit a heinous act due to the questions being asked! While this is going on the team recovers one human survivor,the survivors story doesn’t quite match what they were told and the mystery deepens from here! There’s a lot going on, however in order to know that, you gotta buy this book!

I’m not one to give away too many details but this is a great read! Selena McDevitt’s writing is fantastic. The character interactions felt natural,the story flowed smoothly throughout. The art by Larry “Spike” Jarrell is the highlight of the book for me! I had seen some of the preliminary images Larry had been sharing socially and this finished product is top-notch!! His line work is fantastic, as are the inks (which he also did) and the characters, although anthropomorphic, were very expressive. The designs, colors, look, everything in this book is great. McDevitt and Jarrell make quite the comic duo and I am very much looking forward to reading the next chapter of Star’s End!

This has drama, action and a great ensemble cast of characters! I truly enjoyed this book and am looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Writer: Selena McDevitt
Plot: Selena McDevitt & Larry “Spike” Jarrell
Created/Pencils/Inks: Larry “Spike” Jarrell
Publisher: Insane Comics

Get your hands on this book via direct order at Insane Comics


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