REVIEW: Stealth: Vol. 1, The Life and Times of Allen White

Created by William Satterwhite
Writer: Robert Jeffery
Artist:  Jamar Loga

A dark night.

A young lady on her way to work.

An alley.

A shortcut or something worse?

This new book from Studio EFX pretty much wears its influences on its sleeve. Along with the above, we have a crime ridden city and a graveside conversation.  Sound like anyone else we know and love?

Created by William Satterwaite, who wrote and drew the original web comic, this book plays more like a homage to a handful of characters rather than a “New Millennium” type of deal.  Still not every book has to be gritty and serious. Robert Jeffrey II is on hand, fresh from Route 3, to provide a script that starts out fun, before heading into the same sort of familiar ground that you’d expect from a stereotypical vigilante book.

The art by Jamar Logan, is at first glance, easy to dismiss as cartoony. But unfortunately, its worse than that. There is no real depth of perception about the art, Stealth himself seemingly out of proportion in a number of panels. In addition the colors used also have no subtlety, its just bold color on top or more bold color.

Small press books have a hard time getting recognized. Jeffrey has produced a number of well worked books, the aforementioned Route 3 and Radio Free Amerika and is by far the best thing about this book. For small press to be successful, they need to feature actual new ideas with characters that readers will want to follow. Not rehash stories that you can find in any number of Spider-Man books.

Stealth (


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