REVIEW: Stephen Universe #8

Stephen Universe has had a lot of hype for a TV show, and it’s been rightfully deserved. It’s sweet, funny, intelligent, and one of those shows that teaches you things in a sneaky way. Because the happiest time of the year-Halloween as the humans call it-is right around the corner, Stephen Universe #8 starts off with he and Garnet going to a corn maze along with some friends.

Ah the corn maze, truly a right of passage. But in Stephen’s world, simple things are usually the quickest to be not as they seem. When he comes across a Gem Monster guarding some baby raccoons, Garnet is quick to step in and help in her stern yet loving way. Stephen’s kind heart quickly has him thinking up a plan on how to make both Garnet and the monster happy, and to above all make sure everyone is safe.

The book presents itself exactly as the show does, and one thing I adore is how Stephen Universe destroys gender and social norms effortlessly without centering the entire story around it, and patting itself on the back. It just simply does. The subtle words that Stephen uses and the way he expresses himself with Garnet’s praise are incredible lessons for all of us, no matter the age. Melanie Gillman really knows how to combine a cat and a cookie with her brilliant writing, and I am so ecstatic to see that none of the charm of the story was lost, and only added to. The love just permeates throughout the pages, and I couldn’t stop my cold dead heart from warming just a tad at every endearing interaction the characters had.

Katy Farina’s illustrations are just different enough from the cartoon art we see on our TV’s to make the comic book series unique, but retains enough of that 2010’s-style of animation to make it recognizable to established SU fans. Combined with Whitney Cogar’s beautiful colorwork, I believe I like it even better than the show. The texture is to die for, and though the show is beautifully animated, I really like seeing Stephen Universe have just a little bit of edge to its usually impeccably smooth layout.

The story is sweet and undoubtedly fun, the colors make me feel like I’ve just eaten a rainbow, and I’m really looking forward to reading more of this form of one of my favorite shows.

Story: 5 Stars
Art: 5 Stars
Color: 5 Stars
Cover: 5 Stars


Steven Universe  #8
: KaBOOM, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Melanie Gillman
Artist: Katy Farina
Cover Artists:
     Main Cover: Missy Peña
     Subscription Cover: Paulina Ganucheau
     Variant Cover: Sara Talmadge

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