Review: Steven Universe # 7

This seventh issue features a fishing trip that goes awry in a way that could only happen in Steven Universe. There is a good deal of action in this issue and it includes some cute moments as well. It is a fairly depth free issue, which may be a problem for some fans of the show, but it is still a Steven Universe story.

Like the other issues, this is basically an everyday exploit story with the team going to retrieve an artifact. Grace Kraft captures the voices and patterns of the characters quite nicely. The issue really does feel like it could be an episode. A season one episode to be sure, but an episode nevertheless. There are several nods to the show with the ever overpacked cheeseburger backpack, the return of the G.A.L.S that Steven collects and, of course, if there are G.A.L.S, there is Onion. The storyline includes a standard level of adventure, but we not only get to see the gems in action, we also get to see a couple of the characters that normally don’t get to be a part of it join in. Plus, it is really nice to see the little bits of Onion and his dad on the fishing boat.

Artistically, Meg Omac does a fairly good job matching the show’s style. While a comic based on an animated series shouldn’t be analyzed based on how similar it is to the source of origin, it is hard to get over how flat everything looks. A little shading on the characters would go a long way. It is especially hard to swallow because Missy Peña’s cover adapts the style of the show so well. Still, Omac includes some background landscapes in this issue that are thematically on point such as the geode islands that Steven and the gems sail though and she effectively captures the character’s emotions through the visual language of the show. The best artistic aspect of the issue is Whitney Cogar’s colors. She manages to give readers the feeling that this is indeed Steven Universe and she knows just how much glow to add in order to make it feel other worldly.

This isn’t the greatest adaptation for sure, but it is an enjoyable romp set in the Steven Universe world and with its main characters. That said, it does feel like the series, and this issue within it, might more targeted to a youthful audience than an adult one with its focus on single story adventures over a narrative arch. This is a shame because children like this show for is complexity just as much as adults to, but, as we all know, if every pork chop were perfect…

Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Grace Kraft
Artist: Meg Omac
Cover Artists:
Main Cover
: Missy Peña
     Subscription Cover: Josceline Fenton
     Variant Cover: Sara Talmadge
Price: $3.99

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