REVIEW: Storm Surge: Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein #1

Storm Surge: Dean koontz’s Frankenstein #1
Written by Chuck Dixon
Original story by Dean Koontz
Art & Cover by Andres Ponce
Colours by Mohan
Letters by Bill Tortouni

Let’s judge this book by its cover… Lightning, lab and lovely lass. What’s not to like. It’s clean and it does a fair job of showing what’s inside. Could be a little creepier for my liking. But overall a solid cover.

Spoiler free…

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… It’s getting closer to Halloween and I’m looking for truly terrifying tales to keep me up at night. This is not one of them. With a name like Frankenstein I wanted terror, spooks and chills. This book has a talking head, a snarky, rude, pervy talking head. Changing things up with Frankenstein’s monster and making her an abused housewife doesn’t do it for me.

The story didn’t grip me. I didn’t want to see more Erika I wanted to see more anything else, NOTHING happens. It’s slow and it drags. Karloff the talking head was the best part of this book, Reminded me of Headpool from Marvel Zombies.

With that said I can’t fault the art. But sadly that’s not enough to save this one.

Only 1 star I’m afraid. Tale of terror more like terrible tale.

Do you agree with my review?
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