Review : Strange Fruit # 1

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Dodgy86 is in the mix, bringing you another comic book review. Today I will tell you about Strange Fruit # 1 by J.G Jones (co-writer and artist) and Mark Waid from Boom! Studios

Based in Mississippi in 1927, at a time of mass oppression against a majority of African Americans, denying their rights of equality. A catastrophic storm is coming to the Deep South; and the white folks are preparing with the assistance (non-volunteering I may add!) of their workers to limit the possible destruction it may cause.

Then unexpectedly a comet hits close by, taking everyone by surprise! Meanwhile the evil KKK are causing havoc of their own, attempting to lynch a man until they all stumble across something or someone of extra-terrestrial nature! Who is this… thing? And did it come from that comet? What is its purpose?

The art in this book matches Alex Ross in terms of real-life scenic and character facial expressions, it looks very real and the detail to the background makes Jones’ art is beautiful to look at.

Unfortunately this book is based in the grim past of American history in the 1920s and the language used and the horrible treatment towards African Americans is not fiction. That aside it is well written and honest, the pacing makes the story very interesting largely because of the detail in each panel.

The ending of the book almost changes the entire mood of the story, moving from a historical piece to science fiction within a few pages.

I see potential in this story arch, “Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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