(W) Aubrey Sitterson (A) Emilio Laiso (CA) Khary Randolph, Published by Capcom and IDW

Every now and again I look at the medium I hold dear and think to myself “I will never need to take drugs”.

I’ve just tried to read East of West by Johnathan Hickman, I’m sure it’s brilliant but with no recap it’s a bit like Wonder Woman’s hymon, completely impenetrable. So I read this instead and do you know something? I really enjoyed it. It’s custard down the jockstrap silly and it’s aimed at an audience that has yet to learn how to tie its shoes but it cheered me up no end.

Didn’t need a recap;  bunch of brightly coloured wack-a-doos in impractical outfits and silly names beat the living shit out of the bad guy, who is a massive, narcissistic, whiny, twat who reminded me of my ex-brother, so I could really empathize with the wack-a-doos urge to haruken his rotund mangina into the floor.

The art is bright and cheerful, anatomy is a little tortured here and there but usually in service of something awesome like two ninjas kneeing the fatty in the head or a man in a sailor suit attacking a man sporting the worlds most ridiculous buzzcut.

Above all this is fun. I know not EVERYTHING in life has to be fun, but in a world where there’s fat bastard with a mad haircut and a silly name who wouldn’t look out-of-place as the antagonist in this comic, has a very real chance of ruling the world, we need more fun.

Give this to your kids, it’s everything they need to get them into comics, it’s a proper giggle.


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