REVIEW: String Divers #1

Created and art by Ashley Wood
Story by Chris Ryall and Nelson Daniel
Letters by Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or do, your choice…The regular cover is pretty dull compared to the subscription cover. Regular cover- Very plain colours. No background just a single sting guy standing on a…rock?? Subscription cover – The whole team in action pose. Colourful and eye catching.

First time for everything…Go Go Power Rangers….. Sorry wrong team.

Let’s meet the team, first up the String Divers. A team of android adventurers each with their own skill set:

Grey- Tactical
Red – Stealth
Orange – Science
Black – Assassin
Blue – fighter
Purple – Undisclosed

Now the team behind the team:

Shaunté Mason – Micro Tech
Leonard Oto – Engineer/Robotics
Anne-Sylvie LaGrange- Director General
Tim (not Timmy) and Kimmie Hart – Designers
Miller Carnivale – Unapplied Physicist

The droids get on a lot better than the people. The String Divers are at a subatomic level checking out a new world when suddenly a swarm of flying insect-bots appear. Blue attacks believing them to be a threat before noticing they mean no harm,they’re just heading to a spot of land. They violently crash through the ground accidentally destroying red as they do. The opening reveals a pool of nothingness. White nothing that the swarm fly straight into. As red is destroyed the rest of the team is automatically returned to normal size in the lab. Everyone in the lab except for Anne-Sylvie are sad they lost a droid. She tells them it’s a machine and they have plenty more as she opens a draw showing hundreds of each droid. With red replaced and his memories updates the team tells everyone what happened, this nothingness could be a real threat to the whole would. The Strings are assembled for their next mission but blue is sitting this out, he’s been replaced by purple whose skill set isn’t explained. We head out to the Baltic Sea as a cruise ship is midnight its own business entertaining the elderly passengers aboard when the sky parts revealing the same nothingness the Stings encountered swallowing the ship and its passengers whole. To be continued.

This was actually quite fun. It’s what I would imagine the comic written by the cast of the Big Bang Theory to be. It’s all about string theory. It’s fun and colourful but at the same time they’re dealing with a very serious threat. The story and the characters are both interesting and it’s something different. I really enjoyed it.

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…We lose Red early on. He’s ripped apart violently.

The Good, the Bad and the Meh…
The Good – Pretty much everything. It’s hard not to like his book.
The Bad – As it’s just a first issue this is nit picking but maybe they could have left red “dead” a little while longer and replaced him with purple.
The Meh – Even though the threat to the world is real having so many replacement Strings takes away from the team peril.

A very strong first issue for me. It’ll be interesting to see the team deal with that’s to come. 4.8 stars easy.

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