REVIEW: Suicide Squad #13

We start out merry story with Rick and Katana in Rustan prison. Walkers dead, Harley thinks Deadshot did it. They are fighting an epic fight while the rest of the squad look on, not too worried about stopping them even contemplating getting some popcorn.

IN walks Harcourt threatening to blow up their heads of they don’t stop. She wants to know why Harley thinks Deadshot did it. She tells her about the perfection of the kill it could only be one person. And guess what she was right. Deadshot made a deal, he took the chance for freedom and run with it.

Back to Rick and Katana, Rustan tells them they are not prisoners, that they can join him and be free. He tells them of Waller’s files and how she blackmailed them all to keep them in her service. She was the bad guy not him. All he wants is to be free and to allow others like him to be free as well.

Back to Belle Reve and there is a black out, but someone is in the mainframe. Someone is getting all the files, someone is decrypting codes and best of all someone is disarming the bombs in the squad’s heads.

Soooo what’s the first thing our gang think of….lets see, Deadshot shoots Digger, hits Harley and off he goes.  The rest well they leave Belle Reve and following Harley head to the nearest bar. Now Hack is having a crisis because while trying to stop the mainframe intruder she found out all the secrets in the files, but the one she didn’t find out was who was the spy amongst them.

So now with their freedom they choose what to do next. Digger leaves, Harley drinks, June and Crock are thinking of returning to Brooklyn and Hack contemplates whither she is a hero or a villain. Harley in her boozy wisdom lets Hack know she is no villain and all hero. This spurs her on to return to Belle Reve and find out who the spy it.

When she gets back Harcourt confronts her. Hack thinks she is the spy but guess what she is not…but who is……????

This is another great outing for the squad franchise. It lets us know what they truly wanted if they were ever free. The writing is fantastic and the imagery works perfectly with the story line. Ending on a OH MY GOD moment was a great way to end this issue. I am looking forward to the next one.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Danny Miki, John Romita, Jr.
Publisher: DC Comics

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