REVIEW: Suicide Squad Prequel: Suicide Blonde

With another big movie release from WB and DC just around the corner the free give away comics are back (see my BvS giveaway comic reviews) This time round we get a free ten page comic from Splat hair dyes telling a somewhat prequel tale that isn’t subtle with the fact that this is just an advert for hair dye.

Harley and the Joker are taking over a mob boss’s turf and can’t decide  how to send a message to the rest of the gang. After Harley comes up with a simple yet affective solution the pair head to a club for a night of dancing and fun when the Joker notices a lot of the male clubbers have his signature green hair colour while the female club goers have Harley’s mix match of colour combos going on (where oh where could they have gotten the exact colour hair dye from) after threatening to kill one poor lad, Harley quickly calms him down and the pair enjoy their night.

This is sandwiched between Amanda Waller offering Harley the chance to join task force X and earn time off her sentence. It’s not bad for a freebie and I’m sure DC could have charged for this and it would have sold out. It’s a shame it’s not freely available to every collector. The art is decent and it helps to hype the up coming movie. Overall a 3 star book with nothing special to it.

Written by Tony Bedard
Pencils by Tom Derenick
Inks by Jaun Albarran
Colours by HI-FI
Published by DC Comics
Given away free by Splat! Hair dyes.
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

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Suicide Squad hits theatres on August 8th

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