REVIEW: Suicide Squad: War Crimes Special #1

Written by John Ostrander, Art by GUS VAZQUEZ and CARLOS RODRIGUEZ,  Published by DC

Well it’s a solid action comic, with no discernible characters beyond plug and play powers and a bit of clumsy wit. I quite liked Rick Flag and Deadshot because they weren’t in it a lot and you could fill in the gaps in their characterization with with your imagination poured on what little chemistry they have on display. Did you know Harley Quin was crazy? Cuz’ she is you know, yeah. The plot holds together at a break neck place that almost cracks a vertebrae on the odd lump of dialogue.

The sketchy art lends itself to the frenetic pace and suits the tone of the comic. Good on character, bit lacking on backgrounds.

That’s it. This is an unremarkable comic released because there’s a film out and if you enjoyed that you might like this.

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