REVIEW: Super Megafest 2016 Spring Edition

*Based on Saturday show only!

Convention: N.E. Spring Super Megafest
Location: Marlborough, MA


Comic-Con season is upon us once again. After a long winter it’s nice to go out again on the hunt for great shows and fantastic finds. This year CC starts the convention season with Super Megafest 2016 Spring Edition held in Marlborough, MA at the Royal Plaza Trade Center.

Venue/Exhibitors: The venue is the same as last year, Royal Plaza Trade Center and it looked like there were more vendors/exhibitors added to the mix. I say that because aisle space was not as wide as last year and there were areas where you could get stuck for a few minutes at a time. Specifically to the right of the main entrance where the vehicles were displayed as well as where photo ops and panels were being held, I’d suggest that next year they sacrifice that one vendor space for more fluid movement of the crowd. There was a great mix of vendors, t’shirts, toys, collectibles, jewelry and of course comics. When it came to the comics you definitely should be knowledgeable, there were a lot of vendors over pricing books BUT there were also vendors you could haggle with. The variety between vintage and modern was fair, if you’re an indie collector you may not find anything.

When it came to announcements for panels and photo ops they clear and loud, there was no way you could miss it, unless of course you stepped outside. They also had a list of all panels, check it out below:


20160409_114001 20160409_114053 20160409_114152 20160409_123723 20160409_123729 20160409_124423 20160409_141923

Guests: The guests at this years show were absolutely great! Walking by the “Artists/Guests Alley” I got to see quite a few of the guests such as, wrestling legends Ric Flair & Mick Foley and the WCW boss EVERYONE hated for awhile Eric Bischoff, acting legend Burt Reynolds & Corbin Bersen and  3 of the original cast members of The Warriors, David Harris, Terry Michos and Micheal Beck. Also saw Dina Meyer and Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers fame), Butch Patrick aka Eddie Munster, Hercules himself Kevin Sorbo, the list goes on and on, check out their website for a full list.

As for comic book related guests there was definitely a nice handful. I got to speak to Joe St. Pierre, whom appeared on our podcast (listen here), Hannibal King, Bill Anderson, Mike Grell, Joe Jusko, Mark McKenna, even Mark Texeira was there, however I must call him out on his lack of professionalism and rude attitude towards a fan! Otherwise all the comic book creators on hand were an absolute pleasure to speak and happy to hear how passionate they are about their respective projects, lots of exciting things coming our way from these amazing creators!

20160409_121831 20160409_142458 20160409_142520

Cosplay: As has been the case in most of the Northeast shows I’ve attended Cosplay is KING (or Queen)  of these shows. There are some fans that go that extra mile to convey the look of their favorite character and let me tell you, job well done for most. With the onset of 3D printing these cosplayers have become even more creative with costumes that look, at times, better than the originals or what you see on TV shows and movies. See below for some pics I took of the great cosplay at the show.

20160409_123743 20160409_123806 20160409_123823 20160409_133359 20160409_133737 20160409_140527 20160409_141722 20160409_142003  20160409_142047 20160409_145942 20160409_151601 20160409_151623 20160409_151844 20160409_151925 20160409_152041 20160409_152328 20160409_152428 20160409_152530 20160409_153726 20160409_153738 20160409_153853 20160409_153951 20160409_154101 20160409_154124 20160409_155821 20160409_155904 20160409_154448 20160409_124116 20160409_160542 20160409_153925 20160409_142741 20160409_150339 20160409_151345 20160409_141800 20160409_142021

Final Verdict: 4/5  The Super Megafest team pulled off yet another great show, I feel that it outdid last years show. It was all about the comic culture and I think it’s safe to say EVERYONE had a good time and I can’t wait for the fall edition. Great job! I rate it at 4/5, making it a must go to show!

Peep the below video filmed live at the show on Sat.:


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