REVIEW: Super Powers #1

Well the costume designs are good. I started reading this. Then I stopped because it was depressing. After Batgirl I wondered how far I could dip into the realm of comics for a younger audience and thought this would be ideal for even younger readers. This isn’t really suitable for kids or anyone with a sense of self worth. The “story” is some baffling thing about Superman and Batman fighting each others villains for some odd reason and you can email kryptonite. Hussain Bolt goes at a slower pace than this and Abu Hamza’s signature makes more sense than this.

There’s often something said about good stories aimed at children, they don’t talk down to them. This one doesn’t so much talk down to you as ignore you and scream at the cheese counter. It lacks the charm of something like Adventure Time, the heart warming glow of My Little Pony, the humour of Super Hero Squad… You get the drift.

It doesn’t seem to know who it’s aimed at, because of that it falls to pieces. I’d feel weird giving this to a kid. 0.2/5

By Art Balthazar & Franco, published by DCComics

(Apparently approved by Jerry Seigel’s family)

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