Review: Super Sons #6

After a number of hints and veiled jibes, Jonathan Kent finally gets to see what all the fuss is with Robin’s other side-gig, the Teen Titans.  Well, sort of at least.

The fact that Robin are Superboy are products of their most illustrious fathers is a given.  Yet at its core, this team up does well to show the differences between Damian’s  nature and nurturing given to Jonathan.  This is evident with how the two patrol the not so mean streets of Metropolis.  One viciously saves a jaywalker and the other deftly rescues a cat.  I will leave it up to you to figure which is which.  Still, there is a greater threat to consider in some anomalous emphatic readings which draws the Teen Titans to the city and sends Jonathan back home.   Unfortunately for Robin and his gang, this certainly looks like a job for SUPERBOY!

You have to hand it to Peter Tomasi; he had a hard job to follow Grant Morrison on Batman and Robin and then there was the craziness of the Robin mini series.  To say he has dealt with a lot is an understatement.  Whilst his Robin book may not be to everyone’s taste, it did set the groundwork for the humour that is so prevalent in this book.  Tomasi has his giggle on and it’s not just with the obvious friction between the two sons. Tomasi has pops at the Giants batting order before delivering one of the best lines Raven has ever spoken; when dealing with Robin, Raven “finds it easier to self meditate.”

Jorge Jimenez art is a frenetic mix of comic book action to which the more diminutive sized heroes certainly adds to and strong set-ups.  The detail of the pencils is great, from Robin’s lace ups to the rips in Jon’s jeans.  I will also say that this is probably the best I have seen Starfire look in quite some time.  With so much going on and big heads on little bodies, I do get a minor Calvin and Hobbes vibe, with Robin in the Calvin role.  The quick pace of the art isn’t my normal preference, but it does fit the book extremely well.  The colors by Alejandro Sanchez do well to convey the lighter element of the story as well as the musky darkness of the villains of the piece.

This book is one of the more recent Rebirth books that, if I am honest, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to.  However, six issues in and my mind has been changed, dramatically.  Unlike other books from DC that try to be funny, this one is actually a fun read.  Just don’t tell Robin!

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 4 Stars
Colors – 4 Stars

Written by;  Peter J. Tomasi
Art by; Jorge Jimenez
Colors by; Alejandro Sanchez

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