REVIEW: Superf*ckers Forever #2

(W) James Kochalka (A) Rachel Lindsay (A/CA) James Kochalka, published by IDW

I like to think I have a broad sense of humour. My best friend can send me all the dead baby jokes he likes and I will chortle accordingly. I fucking pissed myself at Laura Clery’s Me Trying To Flirt videos, seriously, those things are comedy genius. But then there’s “edgy” humour. Humour that thinks swearing is inherently funny without context. Humour that takes a subject like mysogeny and hasn’t got the required skill to mix in enough irony to bring out the laughs.

That’s this. You know that look you get when you’ve seen enough Harambe memes to make Godwin rethink his Law? Well that was my face through this whole thing. It’s far from dead inside but it’s just a lot of noise and colour and no substance. It feels like the artist practiced a bit too hard to achieve a child-like quality and despite a certain charm, lacks any weight to back up the nonsense in the script.

The whole thing feels like a five year old telling you a joke it thinks is hysterical, only I’m not it’s parent, so I don’t have to be that polite. 0.2/5

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