REVIEW: Supergirl #14

    I will admit to be a bit of a soft sell when it comes to anything with that iconic ‘S’ shield. I regularly read Action, and Superman, and I check in on the others from time to time when they seem important to the mythos or just seem like a good read. Supergirl #14 was crossing over with the New Super-Man from China (long story). I am not a huge fan of that character, but he has a great costume, and Kara is always tops so this was an easy choice.

Steve Orlando handled the writing, Jose Luis grabbed his pencil to bring it to life, and Norm Rapmund met him on the page with his ink. The colors were put in place by Micael Atiyeh, and the words were presented perfectly by Steve Wands on letters. The book looks great, the art and colors pop, even in the word bubbles. No complaints here.

We have done this enough now, you know I am not going to recap. I will sum up the plot though. Supergirl’s powers are out of whack and she seeks out the New Super-Man because Clark (spoiler alert: Clark Kent is Superman) said he may have a teacher who can help Supergirl focus and find balance. A Rocket Red with an ego issue crashes nearby and the two ‘S’ family members are forced into action. With her new training started but incomplete, Kara struggles. Needless to say, by the end of the incident a valuable lesson is learned.

Nothing groundbreaking, but it was very well written. DC is still fitting the Superman family into their places and roles after the events of Rebirth. This book was a very entertaining look into that process through the eyes of Kara. The New-Super-Man plays more of a sounding board to her and her new teacher, but he has a few clever moments and is pleasant enough to have around in this story. As previously stated, that costume of his is tops, so he isn’t hard to look at under this art team. My ultimate hope for this story wasn’t for it to change the characters or the world they live in, just have them be themselves and entertain me for the page count. I was not disappointed in the least. A fast but good read, and not a bad little introduction to the New Super-Man if you have not read his own title yet.

I give Supergirl #14, 4 out of 5 stars. Not a thing to complain about here, just a solid comic self-contained Kara Zor-El story.

STORY BY Steve Orlando
ART BY Jose Luis and Norm Rapmund

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