REVIEW: Supergirl #15: Not So Super

I had not followed Supergirl for a while prior to reading Supergirl #15. The new 52 version of the Girl of Steel much like her cousin just did not feel right. In light of all of the amazing changes Rebirth has brought to so many DC titles I was truly hoping that the same thing had happened with Supergirl. No such luck.

The story by Jody Hauser and Steve Orlando seems like an attempt to shoe horn the comic book version of Supergirl into the CW television version. Though there are a few differences still such as who runs the DEO, no Martian Manhunter in sight.  The DEO is still involved and the Danvers family is acting as her surrogate family. She works at Catco in National City, though is a bit younger than her CW counterpart and is still in high school.

I hate when the television or movie version of a property dictates the direction of the comic book version.  If you want the settings and characters to be recognizable to both audiences then try staying truer to the source material or just allow the character to be different in different mediums. I enjoy the CW show very much and can’t wait to see their take on the Legion of Superheroes (rumor has it they are coming this season), but let the show be the show and the comic be the comic.

The book may be lacking in originality story-wise, but the pencils of Robson Rocha partnered with the inks of Daniel Henriques add quite a bit of depth and character to Supergirl’s world.  The duo makes Supergirl’s secret identity more than just a pair of glasses.  Just like her cousin in Metropolis there are changes in her hairstyle and posture that make her two identities really seem like two distinct people. This is really brought home by Michael Atiyeh who gives Kara and Supergirl different hair colors, further making them physically disconnected. The panel where we see Strange Visitor make her return was a beautifully done piece of work, which despite not being thrilled by the overall storyline, may get me to at least take a peak at the next issue.

This issue was part one of the Plain Sight storyline and if you are a fan of the show  you may enjoy it, especially if you are less bothered by the show dictating the direction of the comic than I am.

Story: 2
Art: 3
Overall Rating: 2.5

(W) Steve Orlando, Jody Houser (A/CA) Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques

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