REVIEW: Supergirl #7

You know it’s a bad sign when I can’t be arsed adding the creative team.

If it was possible to start a review with a look of exhaustion I probably would. This is Supergirl, I love the TV show, the premise is a strong one so why are DC fucking this like a tai bride on her first day out the box?

The story is called Werewolves of Krypton which has now got the song Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon stuck in my head, google it you will have more fun than reading this. The writing stutters in every over stuffed balloon, the art is rougher than a navi’s arse crack and the perspective and sequential consistency just made me use a computing term to pinpoint how shit they are.

The target audience (fat middle-aged men with neck beards) will probably be very frustrated they can’t come over the anatomy and the intended audience (little girls who would never step foot in a direct market shop) would be utterly baffled by the complete gibberish that passes for a story.

This is what failure looks like.


(W) Steve Orlando (A) Matias Bergara (CA) Emanuela Lupacchino

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