REVIEW: Supergirl #9

Escape from the Phantom Zone, Part 1

National city and Batgirl flies though the sky she has somewhere to be but not as Batgirl but as Barbara Gordon.

Tycotech New Energy Exposition, Shimada Square. This is where our adventure is to take place. Barbara meets up with Ben and chat about the expo. Then Super Girl fly’s in. Ben makes the introductions but Super Girl knows who she is dealing with even if Barbara isn’t wearing a mask. ?

Then take their seats for the expo and Super Girl heads onto stage. Katrina Bissell CEO of Tycotech is ready to give her talk to everyone about this wondrous new project they have and how it’s all thanks to Super Girl that they have this. She presents the Tycho Eidolo!!!! This machine generates phantom energy, the same energy that powers Super Girl’s ship. This machine will bring clean no waste energy to the masses.

As Katrina is selling her pitch, Super Girl hears something whizzing towards them, it’s a spear, a high-speed spear and it just hits the Eidolo, only a tap but contact none the less. And that tap is all it takes for the machine to go wild, pulling anything and everything in, including Ben.

Then an unknown warrior appears with this spear, Barbara quickly transforms into Bat Girl while Super Girl gets to grips with this unknown guest.  He calls himself Mago and he is from the future, he wants to avenge his parents’ deaths and this is why he is here.  While he and Super Girl fight, Bat Girl gets her hands on all the people being sucked into the Eidolo and ties them off with some bat rope (lol)

As things go this is an interesting battle of words between Mago and Super Girl, but enough is enough and with a snap and boom she knocks his ass to the floor. She has seen Bat Girl has gotten everyone to safety or so she thinks. The tree Bat Girl is attached to uproots and heads in the unknown so Super Girls grabs her. Bat Girl wants to know if the phantom zone is lethal? She knows ben is in there but Super Girl does not. So when she is told that it is not lethal Bat Girl does what she does best and jumps into the abyss.

While all this is happening Director Chase arrives and tell Super Girl to wait for her to assemble a team to entre. But does Super Girl listen….I don’t think so and off she fly’s.

Director Chase tries to take Mago into custody but he disappears. Typical right.

We then see our hero’s in the phantom zone with Ben…but guess what, they are not alone and they will soon find out who is stalking them in the zone!!!!

Another excellent Super Girl comic. As usual the illustrations are fantastic and the crossover with Bat Girl always makes me happy.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

(W) Steve Orlando (A/CA) Brian Ching

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