Most coming of age stories are filled with best friends and new experiences, not for Supergirl though. Her coming of age story means a friend dying, a mysterious man from her home world and finding out those she thought where trustworthy were not.

We find Kara meeting with Tan-On the mysterious man who has a lot in common with her, he’s from Krypton. Tan-On has been on earth a long time, he was sent here as a peace ambassador but he didn’t find peace when he got here. Instead the people of earth treated him as a lab rat and experimented on him for decades. As you can imagine he is not happy about this.

Meanwhile Kara’s best friend Dolly is worried, she can’t get hold of Kara and knows something isn’t right. When she gets to school and not only Kara is missing but their favoured teacher is missing too Dolly knows something isn’t adding up. And what do you do as a teenager who knows something isn’t right?? Go to an adult, or teacher? Hell no, you go snooping yourself of course. Not the best idea she’s had.

While Kara is about to leave Tan-On to rest she gets a text from dolly, but it’s not good, Lexcorp have her and they won’t let her go until Kara gets there. And just like best friends do, Kara drops everything and runs to help her friend. Unfortunately, she is running into a trap and is captured by Lexcorp, restrained with kryptonite, and is left wondering why this is all happening.

This is where the fun starts, with his eyes blazing with fury Tan-On explodes in to the room, he is not a happy bunny. He kills everything in sight and releases Kara. But he doesn’t want to stop there he want to destroy everything, the plant, the town the entire planet. This does not sit well with Kara, she knows right from wrong. She knows Tan-On is broken from the years of torture but she knows kindness and love and knows that not everyone is bad. Most of all she knows she must stop him.

An epic battle ensues, Kara remembers her parents and remembers that Krypton is no more. She tries to tell Tan-On but he doesn’t believe her and it just makes him even more angry. They fight and in the end Kara wins this battle but she knows the war is only begun.

With Dolly safe, she knows she must tell her everything, and like the true friend she is dolly understands even telling Kara that she already knew and that she will always be her friend. Dolly also has something to tell Kara, she has seen another like Kara, he has been seen in Metropolis, they are calling him Superman and he is just like her.

So, what do you do when you find out there is another one like you around, you go say hi.

This is an amazing book, from start to finish you are totally engaged with all the characters. The writing is fantastic, evenly paced and clearly defining each page. The art work is stunning and has a very saga style feel to it. I cannot recommend this book more highly. 5 out of 5

(W) Mariko Tamaki (A/CA) Joelle Jones

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