REVIEW: Superman #45

Written by Gene Luen Yang, Art by Howard Porter

So I read something else to review, it was hard on the eyes a pain to review and when the file corrupted I was happy to draw a line under it and try another DC.

There’s a trope going round the wheel these days; replacement or paradigm shifted characters. If it wasn’t all happening at once and a lot of it actually being very good, the whining bastards who spend half their time complaining the genre never changes and the other half complaining when it does wouldn’t be whining so loud. But I digress…

So Superman’s secret identity is out, he’s back to golden age power levels and he’s hunting the Hordr, the organisation that exposed him.

Gene Luen Yang understands Superman. The simple but never naive farmboy out to do good. Clark Kent makes his way through the world till he winds up in a somewhat unique pit fight as Superman in order to make some money to survive. Yang makes you feel just as uncomfortable with it as Superman does and the nature of the pit fight is genuinely clever.

The art of Howard Porter marches to a fine tune, there’s a Quitely/Mobius quality that shows Superman as  powerful, even when ALL he can do is leap tall buildings in a single well presented page layout. Riding 747’s would be my choice of transport if had the option as well.

This is still Superman. It’s both excellently produced, interesting and makes Superman feel relevant by exposing him to situations x-ray vision and super speed would have made very boring.

Now if we could just do something about the whiny fucking fanboys.

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