REVIEW: Superman #52

Written by Peter J Tomasi, art by Mikal Janin,  published by DC

Right FAIR WARNING I’M SPOILING THE FUCK OUT OF THIS ONE SO DON’T READ IT IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW STUFF, you probably already found out because someone didn’t wear a condom and spawned a fantard who can’t keep shit to themselves.






Right so this is a fight between someone who thinks they are Superman, Superman, and Batman, Wonder Woman and the support cast turn up to say hi because the script demands it.

Superman flies into space with Fake Superman, absorbs his energy with his Super nova blast thing, because he can do that to now apparently, falls to Earth and dies, but not before everyone says goodbye and the post crises Superman has turned up and flown off.

It’s an ignoble end to what should have been a great character. Everyone is only there to say a short farewell to Superman, who replies as only Superman should to each of his friends. It’s not the death of the character that’s sad, it’s the fact he feels like he’s being brushed aside for the coming Rebirth, a failed sales initiative rendered moot to please the whining bastards that want Superman back in his underpants.

Given more pages this could have been good, but there’s no feeling of Earth shattering consequences if Superman fails, no sense that his sacrifice was worth it. He can’t even fly into space without the help of PC Superman, giving the feeling he’s a bit incompetent. Tomasi feels like he’s on automatic and I would love to know his last thoughts as he signed off on this issue.

The art is as good as it’s getting, it feels as rushed as the writing but the detail and the storytelling are good enough for a last hoorah.

I read, and hated the first issue othis run, it was a bloated mess, over written, over drawn, tonally wrong and forced to kiss Grant Morrison’s arse because of Action Comics.

Now I’ve read and hated the last issue of this run because it realizes everything that was wrong with the New 52 and sacrifices Superman to the alter of fan-tards to try and masks things better.

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