REVIEW: Superman #7

I have not hidden my love of the Superman book since Rebirth began, that being said I was glad to see the Eradicator story arc end.  The biggest plus for this book has been the interactions of the Superfamily and that is what I wanted to see more of.

Que issue #7, as if Mr. Tomasi and Gleason have read my mind.  The story begins with Superman out doing Superman things.  First helping with solar panels in space and then finding time to pop in and assist some other JL members, all of them happy to have Superman back.  Well all but Bruce, but then Jimenez gives us a cool cut panel showing even the stoic Batman cannot hold back a smirk.


This basically ends the typical heroics of the issue and we get the Smith’s going out for a not so typical Super family day.  I could not lose the permanent grin throughout this issue.  The Smith’s going to the Hamilton County Fair and interacting with their son’s Science teacher and their neighbor Cobb Branden (I’m still not a fan of Grandscreenshot_184pa Cobb).  Jon’s quirky interactions with Kathy Branden were so damn good.  As the story closes we are told, not shown of Clark’s actions saving the Fair’s ticket money from a few thugs and the issue concludes with our hero making the last roller coaster ride just in time.


I loved the expressions in the closing panels because of a “hot mic” issue in the ticket booth.  The creative team brought me the story I have been asking for.  I like seeing Supes busting villains as much as any Superman fan, but these family stories get me and in my opinion cultivate the qualities we all want in our Superman!


Story by:  Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
Art by:  Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez & Rob Leigh

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