REVIEW: Superman / Wonder Woman #20

G’Day Heroes!

This is your Boy from Oz, Dodgy86 is back in the mix bringing you Superman Wonder Woman # 20 by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza and Sean Parsons.

A welcoming visit to The White House, or Trespasser?

Since Superman revealed his true identity to the world, Clark Kent’s closest friends Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen and Lana Lang and many others have been arrested and kept incarcerated for investigation. Questions need to be answered and as a result The Man of Steel has decided to make an unannounced visit to The President to seek the release of his friends. As he is Earth’s most powerful living being, he inadvertently make National Security and The Secret Service very nervous.

In the gardens of The White Gardens, finally given the chance to meet The President to discuss the arrangements until a rude interruption arises… Parasite Attacks!!
Can Supes fight off his evil adversary and save the Prez??

Little does Superman know, while he’s approaching this in a civil manner. With Wonder Woman’s everlasting support she takes matters into her own hands… Initiating the release of Clark’s friends by force breaking them out of their heavily secured incarceration.

This storyline has an interesting turn, Who would’ve thought that Clark Kent would reveal to the world that he is Superman? This man can not be hurt by bullets, he can only be hurt by losing those close to him. Peter J. Tomasi’s ability to link Superman’s story and Wonder Woman’s behind the scenes story by interchanging panels. The beautiful art by Mahnke, Mendoza and Parsons emphasises Tomasi’s direction. Lastly, The introductory dialogue between Superman and the White Houses’ chief of staff is welcomely heated and creates tension to the story.

This was a surprisingly good read, DC fans do ya’self a favour, fly in and check it out!

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